How real Chalova transition in Chelsea and who says it

Fedor Chalov favor of CSKA, but is not the first time information about the interest of English clubs will appear in the local and foreign media for the Russian striker. FC Moscow in the summer do not let 21-year-old player, but can turn out differently in the current break.

 Chalov enters the "Chelsea": left to wait for an official statement the club

 First the interest of London "Chelsea" Fedor Chalov spoke English media. So, Daily Express reported on the serious intentions of the club Roman Abramovich to buy 21-year-old Russian. In the English edition of the special attention paid to the fact that the owner of the capital team is a native of Russia, therefore, between the London clubs RPL team and established a good relationship.

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 Publication of Fedor Chalov (@ chal_f9)

 December 26, 2019 at 9:10 PST

 In a separate article we talked about the reasons for a lull scoring striker "Juventus" Cristiano Ronaldo.

 A role played by the fact that the "Chelsea" over the action of the transfer ban with impaired fair play. In the current winter window the club plans to get newcomers with a view to refresh the team. This also applies to the line of attack. Olivier Giroud solid 33 years old, and Teddy Abraham, on the contrary, too young and unstable. The team needs a new striker who can become Fedor Chalov.

 Russian citizen 21 years, he does not have enough practice football at a high level, differing for CSKA in the Russian Championship, and in the European competition.

 However, the "Chelsea" nothing prevents the player to purchase and send to rent for acclimatization in the Premier League, for example, in the "Crystal Palace". Ninth Premier League team in the summer intended to get Fedor, but the talks were not as expected. In a separate article we talked in more detail about CSKA dialogue and "Crystal Palace."

 On hand Chalov plays and the fact that the "Chelsea" and "Leipzig" is not specified in talks to buy the striker Timo Werner. A similar situation happened with "Lyon", who refused to let Ousmane Dembele in the London club.

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