Couchsurfing’s Intercourse Secret: It’s The Maximum Hook-Up App Ever Devised

Couchsurfing’s Intercourse Secret: It’s The Maximum Hook-Up App Ever Devised

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CouchSurfing continues to be adamant that its service was created to bring individuals together for social change and lodging that is free maybe maybe not intercourse. “Couchsurfing isn't a site that is dating” Billock asserts. “However, there are numerous types of individuals who have met through Couchsurfing and formed a myriad of wonderful relationships — friendships, travel companions, maried people. ”

But mid-November brought the launch of a contending website, Loveroom, that is clearly built to facilitate intercourse — a direct approach that appeals to users like Ana. Initially floated as just what its creator Josh Bocanegra calls a “thought experiment to get in touch individuals in a brand new way” via an easy Launchrock landing page, it absolutely was billed as “a platform where solitary people & couples can share a space along with other individuals under one condition: they must be attractive. ” In line with the individual, that is. “The users are 100% the judge of whom they think is attractive, ” clarifies Bocanegra.

The concept, states Ana, is, “‘You may come to the house, it is possible to remain 100% free, and you and you just like me we will have sexual intercourse, no strings connected. If I like’ I that way, the sincerity. ”

As to she predicts, “Men will definitely join whether it will really take off. But i believe because it is a website that essentially states i am going to have casual intercourse with you. If we had been an individual girl, I would personallyn’t develop a profile, ”

Having said that, Ana’s married, plus in fact, this woman is one reason the website announced a feature that is new six times after it’s launch.Read more