Do Men Care If You’ve Slept due to their Buddy

Do Men Care If You’ve Slept due to their Buddy

Agreed, it is all about the context associated with situation and environment.

Your ex partner was the BESTFRIEND of ole guy.

I am sorry but he is the EX now right?? I will be having a difficult time thinking your ex partner ended up being cool with knowing you was at an informal /just physical (fwb/jumpoff) kind situation along with his bestfriend.

I've brothers and nephews that are fast to dead a chic or compose her down as solely A TOSS if she has been with one of is own boyz NOT BESTFRIENDS but simply their homies prior.

Well it's in contrast to she meet up with the guys inner circle. The only she had been simply finding pleasure in held it low and casual so just why would he introduce her into the team if he had been'nt serious about her (not in a negative method maybe she ended up being'nt feeling him like taht and cut ties also).

It looks like her ex solo of their team as soon as he had been experiencing her she was introduced by him to their buddies plus they learned. In that sort of situation often you merely need to ignore it and allow your man's be happy. I'm certain her ex had some milfs in heels casual "friends" he hung away with before her.

Hey smilez_920, thank you for comprehending the situation. Like we said Melyssa, he was cool, everyone had been cool! I really was the one that is only cool with it to start with ahahah! And yeah the factors why he is my ex currently have next to nothing to do with it!

We violated the rule as a teenager. Defintely won't be saying that move.

I mightn't date the friends/relatives of an ex. Associates are FAIR GAME though.

For me personally this "rule" just pertains to chicks my buddies have experienced severe relationships with. Then its free to me if its just a chick that you were seeing a little bit and ya'll called it off.Read more