Power struggle in Belarus Opposition calls for new strikes.

Status: 08/24/2020 7:33 p.m..

After the mass demonstration yesterday, the opponents of Belarusian President Lukashenko want to strike again from today on state companies. The security authorities arrested three prominent members of the opposition.

New working week http://main-news.website/company-car-incorrectly-thanks-what-are-the/, new strikes: The opposition in Belarus is trying to keep up the pressure on head of state Lukashenko and has called on employees of state-owned companies to stop working, as they did last week. "We continue to demand the resignation of Lukashenko. Every minute that he remains in power, the economy causes great losses," said the Coordinating Council of the opposition in Belarus.

Lukashenko defends himself. He instructed the governor in the Grodno region in the west of the country to completely shut down factories on strike. The opposition is particularly strong there. The head of state is now threatening anyone who opposes him with the loss of their jobs. He also announced a tougher course against the opposition.

It is unclear whether there will be new police violence or even the threatened use of the army to suppress the protests.

How can things continue in Belarus??

"I think there is now a trial of strength in Belarus. A political scientist aptly spoke of a stalemate: There are more people on the street than everyone expected, they are not intimidated and demonstrate despite the military presence. They hold on rules, but they show: 'This time we won't let ourselves be downed so quickly and we won't give in so quickly.' The strikes in the state-owned companies are putting Lukashenko under severe pressure. The economy is already battered, and if the strike were to continue for a longer period of time it would hit the country hard.

Lukashenko has to do something. But he does not give any signs that he is is willing to back down, to go or to schedule new elections. In this respect, I fear that he will eventually implement his announcement that he will proceed with severity. "

Christina Nagel, ARD Studio Moscow.

Three prominent members of the opposition arrested.

Two leading members of the coordination council were arrested, the opposition announced. The special police OMON put Olga Kowalkowa and Sergej Dylewski in a prisoner transporter. Why is not clear.

The authorities confirmed the arrest. Lukashenko had declared the Coordination Council illegal and threatened to break it up several times. The body strives for a dialogue with the power apparatus of the president and strives for a non-violent change at the top of the state.

The opposition later reported the arrest of Alexander Lavrinovich, who led strikes in an important industrial company. Other members of the council were summoned to the police force, among them Svetlana Alexievich, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Criminal proceedings should stop the opposition.

Mass protest remained peaceful.

At a mass rally yesterday, contrary to all fears, things remained peaceful. Once again, more than 100,000 people had gathered in the capital Minsk. However, the number of security forces was significantly stronger than on Sunday a week ago - and Lukashenko had spoken of "cracking down".

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Video shows Lukashenko with a Kalashnikov.

During the protests a helicopter landed at the Lukashenko Presidential Palace. This could be seen on several videos, among others on the Telegram messaging service. State television showed there how Lukashenko left the helicopter with a Kalashnikov in hand in black gear and went to the palace.