????? NRS 675.245 usage or change of company title; prohibitions.

????? NRS 675.245 usage or change of company title; prohibitions.

????? 1. A licensee must receive the approval regarding the Commissioner before utilizing or changing a continuing company name.

????? 2. A licensee shall maybe maybe perhaps not:

????? (a) utilize any company title which will be installment loans in tennessee identical or just like a company title employed by another licensee under this chapter or that might mislead or confuse the general public.

????? (b) usage any forms that are printed may mislead or confuse the public.

????? NRS 675.250 Books and accounting records: techniques; preservation; requirements office that is regarding other bar or nightclub found outside State.

????? 1. Each licensee shall keep and make use of in their company books that are such accounting records because have been in accord with noise and accepted accounting practices.

????? 2. Each licensee shall maintain a record that is separate ledger card for the account of each and every borrower and shall established separately the total amount of advance loan plus the total level of interest and fees, but such an archive may set forth precomputed decreasing balances in line with the scheduled payments, with no separation of major and fees.

????? 3. Each licensee shall protect all such books and accounting records for at the least a couple of years after making the entry that is final.

????? 4. Each licensee whom runs outside this state a workplace or other bar or nightclub that is licensed pursuant to this chapter shall:

????? (a) Make offered by an area through this state the publications, reports, documents, documents and files associated with workdestination or office positioned outside this state towards the Commissioner or a agent for the Commissioner; or

????? (b) spend the reasonable costs for travel, meals and lodging of this Commissioner or perhaps an agent for the Commissioner incurred during any research or assessment made in the office or office found outside this state.Read more