Rock Sculpture Garden

Rock Sculpture Garden
Set on the famed ‘Khoai’ the undulating red gravel dunes that enchanted Tagore.

  • Dotted on the uneven topography are mounted ‘Natural Sculptures’ in rock and wood fossil from the Deccan Plateau and local riverside. Some of the rocks are 2500 million years old as against Dinasours of 500 million years only.
  • Over looking the garden is the nine feet concrete transcription of natural sculptures in wood ‘Maitri’ (fraternity). It is the logo of Prakriti Bhavan.
  • A prominent piece is the Rock Fossil “Kaal Purush” a massive piece that symbolizes both time and life – a tribute to our forefathers. This has been set up in October, 2017.
  • Another piece is the “Reclining Buddha” in the canopied Buddha Kunja
    Christened by Buddhist Monks of Chittagong as ”Maha Parinirban Mudra”
  • An open air stage in the garden and some stone sitting arrangements are for performance and the audience….

The scheme of design of the display is the court yard inspired by the courtyard integral to the tribal village architecture behind.