Social Responsibility

  1. Prakriti Raag Sangeet Tirtha
  1. Prakriti Bhavan established its own choir group of Santhal School going girls ‘Prakriti Raag Sangeet Tirtha’ from the neighbouring santhal village of Ballavpur. They are being taught Rabindra Sangeet in santhali, general santhali songs and Rabindra Sangeet by Minu Mandi herself an accomplished Santhali Singer and Santhali songs and dance by Kakoli Mandi, another Santhali teacher, dance by Chitralekha Bhattacharya with Tabla by Shyamal Bhattacharya. This group has performed to accolades In Paus Utsab, Basant Utsab and other programmes in and outside Santiniketan.
  1. Girls from Ballavpur and other villages in middle and high school are being given tuitions 5 days a week by Chitte Hembram, a Santali lady graduate. Already 4 girls have completed class 10 and one girl class 12 in the past 3 years.


  1. Fests held every year
  1. A 3 day festival of music, dance and poetry from 24-26 December, the Paus Maitri Utsav held at the premises of the museum from 10 A.M. onwards.
  2. The ghoti dance of santhalis has been added as a new element to the “ khol daar khol “ dance of the dol utsav from 2019 onwards . A tribute to the all adibashisis, children of nature. The Basanta Milon Utsav around Holi from 10 A.M. onwards a colourful collage of music, dance, poetry and colour to celebrate spring.
  3. Other fests and events round the year are Independence Day Republic Day Rabindra Jayanti Miscellaneous events like workshops, musical Soirees etc.

These fests provide the necessary life blood and dynamism to the activities of the museum. It connects the museum with the Ballavpur Village and the public at large.

Prakriti Bhavan went international in 2017. The “Maitri” sculpture in bronze was displayed as the theme for an art exhibition by Colors Land Academy from India and “Focus Bangladesh” from Bangladesh at Gallery No.2 of the Fine Arts Department of Dhaka University, Dhaka, from 9th October, to 15th October, 2017.

Following the exhibition at Dhaka, a workshop on the same theme was held in kolkata jointly by “Indian Canvas” & “Focus Bangladesh “ at Mohorkunj on 21st & 22nd January 2018.


Another international dimension was the permanent display of Subrata Basu’s ” Maitri” in terracota in the private gallery of Mr. Bassam Lahoud professor and architect in Lebanon. His collection houses terracota items from all over the world.